A New Vision For Indo-Israeli Relations

The Indo-Israeli relations are often overlooked and underestimated. While India does have allies on both spectrums of the diplomatic aisle (like the USA and Russia), smaller yet strategically crucial nations such as Israel are equally crucial. The alliance between India and Israel has prospects for enormous headway to be made.

Aneesh Sriram

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Worst affected state is Chhattisgarh, with a positivity rate of 20 per cent and growth rate of 8 per cent. There has been 10-fold rise in cases. In Punjab, 80 per cent UK variant cases found, which was confirmed by genome sequencing.

- Harsh Vardhan, Union Heath Minister, at a video conference with Health Ministers of 11 states


Wide Angle: Ayodhya May Not Be The Only Temple Defining The Future Of The BJP

How the Ram temple at Ayodhya became so significant to the Hindutva ideology is an interesting premise to explore, with far reaching implications for the present and the future of the ideology, the identity and the party.

Tejas Nageshwaran


Bengal Retold: How The Congress Laid Waste To India's Greatest State (1947-67)

The stage for Bengal's murder is set in the backdrop of communal violence, corruption, warring factions, and communism. It began however, much before in the pre-independence era when the Indian Nationalist Movement was in full swing.

Pratik Kanodia

Space watch

NewSpace India, govt. of India's commercial space arm, announced plans to invest ₹10,000 crore in satellites and launch rockets over next five years. Through this, it aims to acquire, own and operate its own fleet and provide services, for which India's telecom and DTH providers have already begun signing up.

Tech watch

On March 29, Visa Inc. announced that it will now facilitate payments in cryptocurrency, becoming the first major card network in the world to do so. USDC, the cryptocurrency it will use, is a 'stablecoin'. That is, each USDC is backed by $1 held in the country's reserve, making it significantly more stable than other cryptos.