We live in confinement. In the illusion of reality. In a life of circles - of working, eating, sleeping and entertaining ourselves. As if running a hamster wheel with a parched tongue out. With little interest in understanding ourselves and the world around us. We have limited ourselves to a socially conditioned manner.

We sold our souls to this alternative of reality and named it the ‘system’. System, created by those in power. Where facts are flexible, and thus, easily bent to conform to any twisted ideology. The proponents of this system have done everything in their ability to stay in power, to keep humans and humanity from realizing that awareness of the mind is the most powerful weapon we can possess.

The way we’re being locked down today isn’t necessarily born from an increase in virus or disease but from an increase in human beings that have put their mind in the external world far more than they’ve put in themselves. It’s a world of deception. Those who pull the wires to fool us are few in number, who understand the mental processes and social patterns of the masses. Today, we call them the ‘media’.

To the Romans, Medea was the patron goddess of storytelling, a temptress who would trick men and turn them into husks to appease her mother, Hecate, who sought to control the minds of all men. This is simply an attribute that undoubtedly runs parallel to the idea of modern media, not to mention the uncanny resemblance of the word itself. The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the habits and opinions of individuals to manage the behaviour of a society and regulate the future is a tactic used by the elite class, usually leaders of the world, to rule over common people.

This system was made in a way that is ‘order out of chaos’. They will often create a problem that targets our emotional value, then will offer a solution to the problem that ultimately leads to a change in society that had been intended right from the beginning. The media of course, helps maintain the propaganda. And common people? We exist solely to consume. There must be a reason why everything shared on social media is called 'feed'. We are a slave to these mechanisms of society, we blissfully live in ignorance. And ignorance brings chaos, not knowledge!

Well now that we’ve talked enough about the issue, let’s now talk about finding a solution. And the solution is Release – to release our minds from the shackles that were created to convict us. To stop being easily enslaved by the things we fail to understand. Awaken an internal awareness of the mind and soul. Be vigilant. Before accepting a source of information, ask ourselves whether or not we have the appropriate context of knowledge in order to analyse, absorb and verify the information as truth. An apocalypse is needed. Do not fear or condemn it. Because the only worlds it shall destroy are the false ones we have created for ourselves. The process merely includes a change in our state of being, a way of life.

A mindset that knows to understand that there’s a difference between the natural world and the ‘self’. We have to try to understand one another. We can help bring positive change just by being true to ourselves. There’s not a lack of people who can change the world so much as there is a lack of people who care enough to change it. But we have to try and make the world a better place. So look inside yourself and recognise that change starts with you. It starts with me. It starts with us.